Frequently Asked Questions

What payment option can I use to pay for my reservation?
We accept credit card, wire transfer and PayPal. After the reservation has been accepted we need you to send us a email if you like to use different payment method than credit card.
If I did not buy final cleaning how should I leave the house?
Those that choose not to buy final cleaning must deliver the house in such condition that its ready for the next visitors, except linens on beds ( you dont need to make the beds ).
I have sent a booking request when do I know if my dates are secured?
After you request to book a house an email is sent to the owner and he will go over the reservation and accept ot decline it ( owners should reply within 24 hours ). If the reservation is Accepted you will get sent a email with information on how to complete the reservation. If the reservation is decline, we will send you a email to inform you about it and see if we can help you find a suitable replacement.

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